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Faculty & Staff

Founder: Eleanor Sherwyn
Academy Director & Certified Teacher:
Jeremy Reyes

   Mr. Jeremy Reyes graduated from Del Mar College in 2012 as a Computer Science Major specializing in computer network administration and support.

   After an finishing his internship, he worked as a Network Technician for a local computer company.

   He  has worked at H&R Block and a local nutritional supply as the Office Administrator.

   Prior to joining the Home School Academy, Mr. Reyes worked in education teaching Elementary and Middle School students.

Administrative Professional:
Robynn Villarreal

Ms. Robynn Villarreal is a college student working on her Bachelor of Applied Science and is currently enrolled in the Court Reporting program at Del Mar College. She plans to gain some courtroom experience before she becomes a certified teacher to help future students become knowledgeable courtroom stenographers.

She has administrative experience at Bay Auto Service, a local auto repair company. She was a night manager and auditor at a hotel franchise but left to pursue other opportunities as she continued her college career. Ms. Villarreal volunteered for all four years of High School for an elementary school and worked with a variety of students where she learned she liked helping others learn subject matter.

Ms. Villarreal spends her time on homework, taking care of her disabled cat, volunteers teaching Bible discourse, and with friends. 


  Mrs. Eleanor Sherwyn brought 50 years of experience to her work with children.
  Mrs. Sherwyn is the founder of The Academy of the West Indies, on St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands, begun in 1974. She was the school's director for 13 years as well as the teacher of English and Math. The school's Social Studies Program was unique: the entire school, Grades 9 - 12, studied a country, visited the country for a month, then took exams on the country upon their return.

    Mrs Sherwyn lived and taught in Saudi Arabia for 13 years; most of her students studied through independent study with Calvert School, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, or the American School.

She passed away December 2018.

   Mrs. Melanie Reyes graduated from Texas A & M, Corpus Christi in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in the Science of Mathematics.

   She is certified in Secondary School Math and taught in the CCISD system for three and a half years.

      She came to the Home School Academy in January 2014 and worked as the head teacher for our high school program. After the loss of Mrs. Eleanor Sherwyn in 2018, Mrs. Reyes became the owner of the Home School Academy to continue Mrs. Shewyn's legacy, as per her request. 

     Together with her husband, Mr. Jeremy Reyes, they teach both middle school and high school students at the Home School Academy while also volunteering as Bible educators during their time outside the classroom. 

Math Specialist & Certified HS Teacher:
Melanie Reyes
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